Motorcycle Safety Training Offered

KIMT NEWS 3 — Minnesota safety officials are looking to help you stay safe when you hit the road with your motorcycle this year.

The Motorcycle Safety Center, a division of the Department of Public Safety, is offering training courses all over the state.

The training teaches crash avoidance techniques and hones important riding skills to keep you safe.

More than fifty riders lost their lives during 2012, a twenty six percent increase from 2011.

“We do know that with more training, there more likely they stay safe on the roadways, know what to look for and how to handle themselves on that motorcycle,” Sgt. Jacalyn Sticha of the Minnesota State Patrol said. β€œAnd avoid a crash or at least reduce their odds of crashing.”

Training courses are available at 30 locations throughout Minnesota, including Rochester, Mankato and Albert Lea.

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