Coils for Emphysema Patients

Coil for Emphysema

A new treatment could help many patients with advanced cases of Emphysema.

Emphysema destroys the air sacs in your lungs, making it harder and harder to breathe.
Several researchers nationwide are testing a new minimally invasive procedure to improve lung function.

Doctors insert ten small coils into damaged areas of a patient’s lung.

Frank Sciurba, MD, Director of COPD/Emphysema Research Center at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center says,

“The Nitanol coils go in the lungs as straight wires and then they fold up like a baseball seam. They fold in half and then they fold in half again. As they do that, they bring in the lung.”

The coils allow the healthier portion of the lung to expand and tighten, helping patients to breathe better.

The coil trial is recruiting patients nationwide.

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