KKK Christians Making Voice Heard

KKK Christian Fliers

KIMT NEWS 3 –Faith has always been open to interpretation, but one group is looking to challenge that message drastically.

According to authorities, flyers are being found in a southeast Iowa county for the new look Ku Klux Klan.

While the group does trace its roots back to the traditional KKK of the past, organizers say they’re focusing on being more patriotic and faith-based then ever before. This has one expert claiming this can be very hard to believe.

“For Christians Jesus is the center, he does not do separating. I just can’t see justifying any sort of segregating of any kind of person from another as being compatible with the testament,” said Reverend Wendy Abrahamson of St. John’s Episcopal Church in Mason City.

Wendy goes on to say that if they are truly trying to shed their negative past, they would have to get rid of the KKK label and go by something else.

“Hanging to the group name KKK, Ku Klux Klan is hanging on to something violent. At least that’s how people receive it. So if they are to be received differently, boy they’re gonna have an up hill climb,” says Abrahamson.

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