‘Sturgis Rally Retreat’

Sturgis Rally

AUSTIN, MN — Many who love quilting from all over the country are in Austin for a gathering this weekend.

The Calico Quilt Shop is hosting the “Sturgis Rally Retreat.”

This year’s theme is Sturgis, so the ladies are decked out in their leather and other gear.

The event is held at the Convention Center at the Holiday Inn.

They get together to quilt, play games like blackjack, have door prizes and more.

“They love to get out of the house, they love to get together. Every year they come they meet new people, they come the next year and see them again; it’s like a little reunion. They enjoy sewing, getting away, getting projects done, learning new things,” said event organizer and owner of Calico Quilt Shop, Carolyn Matson.

She said people came from all over Minnesota and Iowa, South Dakota and Illinois and said some came from as far as Delaware.

Next year’s theme will be “Duck Dynasty.”

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