1968 Tornado Memorabilia Donated to Local Museum

1968 Tornado Memorabilia

CHARLES CITY, IA – A local museum is receiving some long-lost memorabilia from a historic natural disaster.

“The Floyd County Museum” is planning to display more than 100 slides, capturing the historic F5 tornado that swept through Charles City in 1968.

The slides were found a few years ago in the Floyd County Sheriff’s Office, but were forgotten about till just recently.

Sheriff Rick Lynch says after the slides were recovered the second time, he knew they had to go somewhere safe.

Sheriff Lynch said, “I said no, we cant do this again, they need to go to the museum, they need to go somewhere they’re preserved so somebody can have a chance to look at them and enjoy like I did – I enjoyed it. I was 15 months old, I don’t remember what Charles City looked like in 1968, but now I can look back and I can picture what Charles City looked like now.”

The museum is hoping to have the slides on display sometime this summer.

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