Crooks testimony excluded

KIMT News 3

MASON CITY, IA – Earlier this month, Judge James Drew heard testimony from law enforcement officers and had to make a decision on whether or not the information they obtained could be used in court. When Noah Crooks was taken into custody, officers with Mitchell County Sheriff’s office contacted his father over the phone in order to obtain permission for his son to waive the right to having an attorney present during interviews. Crooks’ father gave verbal permission but under Iowa law, a child under the age of 16 cannot waive the right to an attorney unless an appropriate adult consents to the waiver in writing. Since his father did not provide a written consent, the defendant’s statements cannot be included as evidence in the trial. Crooks has been charged with the murder of his mother, Gretchen Crooks, that happened on March 24th at the family’s home in rural Osage.

The trial for Noah Crooks is scheduled to begin on April 30th in Wright County.

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