“Egloff House” Relocation

"Egloff House"

MASON CITY, IA – A historic home damaged by the floods of 2008 has been approved for relocation.

The “Egloff House” in Mason City was completed in 1939 – designed by Earle Richard Cone.

The city bought the house back in 2010.

It’s known for it’s “Art-Deco” design and other features that are said to be “before their time.”

A recent Relocation Feasibility study determined the house meets the criteria to be bought and moved to a different area.

City of Mason City Bio Assistant, Tracy Meise said, “We’ve heard of other people who have come to town just for the beautiful architecture Mason City has, so we’re really hoping we can find someone that will be interested in having this house relocated somewhere else. The biggest cost in determining where it’s going to be located is the moving costs.”

The city is requiring that people interested in relocation submit an official proposal. The deadline for that is June 28th.

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