Tax Deadline Can Be Less Stressful


CLEAR LAKE, IA — One easy step could have your tax deadline pushed back to as far as October, for the right price of course.

Tax day is technically the deadline to have your taxes prepared and on their way but if you’re willing to pay the interest, your tax preparer could file for the extension you’re looking for.

Something one tax expert says is an option we usually don’t think of.

“It’s a convenience because it just takes less than five minutes. You can file an extension electronically nothing has to be mailed. You don’t have to do anything with your tax return. You don’t have to semi figure it, you can just file the extension and then get all your stuff ready,” said Anita Winter, Tax Advisor and Franchisee of Clear Lake H&R Block.

Like all great options, it does come with its own fair share of risk.

If you do owe the State or worse, the IRS money, you will be paying any interest accumulated until the debt is paid in full.

A factor that Anita believes can sometimes be overlooked.

“Number one, it is a convenience but again, it can be a problem if people aren’t aware of the risks involved. You will have to pay anything you owe and the longer it takes the more interest piles on. If you don’t owe any money then there is no additional fee,” said Winter.

Anita also mentions that most places will charge a fee for filing for an extension although her location does not.

If your still planning on trying to get your taxes filed and won’t be able to make it to the post office in time, you can always file for an extension online at:|CAMP032S-TE-Tax+Extension-G-Desktop-BMM|ADGP013IRS+Extension|KWRD021+irs++extension++form&KeywordID=566655434

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