Concerned Father Addresses School Board

MASON CITY, Iowa – KIMT News 3 brought you the story last month about the concerned father who said his son was being bullied on his school bus.

Last night Hector Munoz and his son, Trevor Munoz, addressed the Mason City School Board about the alleged issues.

Although Munoz says that the bullying towards his son has stopped, he won’t stop his fight to eliminate bullying in schools.

“My son was harassed three times and I don’t think there is any consequences for the kid, you know keep him off the bus for a week or I mean there’s got to be some sort of consequences if not it’s going to keep continuing to happen,” Munoz says.

The school board did reassure Munoz that Mason City schools have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to bullying.

Munoz is just glad that he was able to express his concerns.

“Whether something happens or not, we don’t know, at least they’re aware of it. I was hoping more parents would have come tonight but they didn’t which was fine. I don’t want publicity out of it, I just want this for my son [and] other kids to be safe.”

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