Golden Apple: Ben Feight 4/16/2013

MASON CITY, IA – Mr. Ben Feight is just one teacher in charge of a lot of 4th graders, but luckily he has some help.

Feight said, “For math I might dress up as a super hero for math time or actually use puppets also with my kids.”

His puppets and alter ego “Super Math Man,” are helping students tackle some tricky subjects.

Feight said, “That’s an area a lot of kids don’t necessarily like, so I try to get on their level, I try to think how kids react.”

And that’s proving to be the highlight of their day.

4th Grader, Izabele Jaime said, “It makes me want to learn more, it makes me want to come to school a lot and it makes me not want to leave 4th grade.”

It’s all part of understanding how each student learns best.

Feight said, “Just get them up and moving and just try to get them engaged that way, so to take the things that they like, but put a math side to it.”

Ben also tries to work beyond the classroom. He knows the important role that one teacher can have.

He said, “I always try to make sure I go to any of the students activities, because I try to show them that I care and so I always try and help make sure im involved no matter what.”

So far his effort and enthusiasm isn’t going unnoticed.

Jaime said, “I was really nervous in the beginning of the school year, but it turn out that he’s funny and he’s cool and I like having a teacher like him.”

And Ben just hopes his cool-ness will make a lasting impression.

He said, “That’s my biggest thing… I want to make sure they grow as a person themselves and learn to challenge themselves without me there.”

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