Iowa State Patrol “Bait Cars”

"Bait Cars"

MASON CITY, IA – We’re finding out more about how law enforcement is planning to catch car thieves in the act.

The Iowa State Patrol is partnering with Nationwide insurance to launch a state-wide initiative using “bait cars.”

These computerized cars would be equipped with hidden cameras and other devices that would trap a would-be-thief if they were to get one of the vehicles.

Local State Patrol officials say the plan is still in the beginning stages.

Lt. Dan Schaefer said, “Obviously we’re going to look at our larger cities first and primarily until things are up and running, you know, Des Moines is out largest city, so we’ll probably look at trying to work with them in that market for a while.”

Lt. Schaefer adds the primary reason for the program is to let thieves know, these cars are out there. Hoping they’ll think twice before trying to steal a vehicle.

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