Manure Causing Problems

Drainage Ditch

Freeborn County, Minn. — The cold spring is causing problems with manure spills and runoff around Minnesota.

Farmers are having little choice but to spread manure on their frozen fields.

Instead of staying on the frozen soil, the manure is running off with the rain and melting snow.

Locally, Freeborn County leaders say they put certain steps in the hog barn building process to help combat the problem.

“We do have a 12 month storage capacity we do put into the conditional permit,” Freeborn County Feedlot Officer Colin Wittmer said. “Most of what we see here in Freeborn County is swine barns. Eight foot pits under the entire barn to allow for a year of storage.”

If farmers need to spread manure during the winter, he adds they need to be following best management practices.

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