Rain Helps Out Clear Lake

Lake shore

CLEAR LAKE,  IA – All the rain over the past few days is helping out at least one local lake.

Clear Lake water levels are on the rise and that’s a good thing according to the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.

With the drought and dry conditions earlier this year, levels were nearly 32 inches below the water crest, now levels are only a little over 16 inches below.

Local DNR officials say this is great news for lake-goers and summer activities.

Iowa DNR Fisheries Biologist, Scott Grummer said, “It’s going to make using the lake a little more enjoyable. We don’t have those shallow water zones that were large last fall, they’ve been reduced in size. So a person stills wants to use a little bit of caution when you’re boating in the shallows or near shore, but we’re in a much better situation than we were last year.”

Water levels are expected to rise even more in the coming weeks with creek run-off, especially from the Ventura marsh.

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