Bombs Made Easy Online Pose Threat

Picture of Pressure Cooker lid found by FBI at the scene of the Boston Bombing


KIMT News 3 — New details have emerged from the Boston Bombing suspect that suggests the bomb making recipes were found online.


Since its humble beginnings, the world-wide web has been a constant stream of communication and information.


Unfortunately, this unlimited form of information can fall into the wrong hands, and when it does, the effects are devastating.



“Your going to have to find it and its buried underneath stuff and just being able to sift through that stuff is going to take time. It’s not just going to be just click, click and there it is. You have to go in and search for it yourself,” said Phillip Biermann of Iowa Cell Phones and Repair.


Phil is the assistant technician where he works and if he’s not working on repairing a cell phone, he’s scouring the internet and says he can’t believe the types of things people will post for shock value.


He says that these types of sites are not uncommon to come across online, and while you may have to do some digging, the information is there whether we think its safe.


“It’s very easy to find, all you have to do is type it in, it’s on Google, Bing, it’s on all the other search engines. You just have to know what you’re looking for. It’s not something new, these sites have been around for a long time, only problem is that we only pay attention to them now, after the fact,” said Biermann.


Investigators say an Al Qaeda online magazine was used to give directions on how to create the bombs for yourself.


Something experts say should never be handled by everyday people.


“In many cases and in many publishing of different types of books, you’ll see that the recipes not correct and would cause serious harm or injury if a person followed the recipe. My hope is that for anyone looking to try to make something like this for themselves, that they look at the repercussions that can happen and hopefully this keeps them from making that choice,” said Iowa State Fire Marshall, Ray Reynolds.


Fortunately for parents, there are parental blocks for computers that help block keywords from being searched online. Though it might not be enough.

“We encourage parents to have internet control over their children and provide good parenting and maybe discuss some of these dangers with the children,” said Reynolds.













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