Jonathan Bailey’s Background

Johnathan Bailey KIMT News 3

KIMT News 3 – In a fairly short amount of time, Jonathan Bailey has worked for several different police departments, and was dismissed from at least one for disciplinary reasons.

We told you yesterday that the officer resigned from the Eagle Grove Police Department, a day after the investigation at his Belmond home.

Here’s what we’ve been able to find so far:

Bailey spent multiple years working as a detention officer for the Polk County Jail, and was not let go for disciplinary actions.

He has also worked as a reserve officer in the Pella Police Department, and was recently an officer with the Belmond Police, but we don’t know the circumstances of his leaving those positions.

From the summer of  2011 to summer 2012, Bailey worked as a police officer in Lenox, Iowa.

We have confirmed he was let go from there because of a disciplinary action.

During his time in Lenox, he attended the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy in Johnston, and was certified last July, along with a couple other officers from local departments.

We’ve reached out to them to see if they have any insight into this, but have not made contact with them yet.

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