Flu Season Packs a Punch

Flu Sign

ALBERT LEA, MN — Flu season hasn’t been kind to Minnesotans this year.

Influenza has been keeping many public health departments throughout the state busy.

More than 3,000 people have been hospitalized with laboratory-confirmed influenza.

And it has led to more than 190 deaths, with four more being confirmed last week.

Health leaders say the flu did come early this year, which has played a role in the outbreak.

“The flu did start early this year, in the fall,” Freeborn County Public Health Director Sue Yost said. “It started quite a bit earlier than it usually does. And so it peaked quite a bit earlier and it’s also lasted quite a bit longer actually.”

She adds this has been the worst year for the flu since 2008.

Despite that, she says it has actually been a typical year, with the last few years being mild due to the warmer weather.

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