Jury Seated in Crooks Trial

Noah Crooks

**Update** KIMT News 3’s DeeDee Stiepan reports the jury has been seated. The jurors include 7 females and 5 males.


CLARION, IA – Jury selection continued Wednesday morning in the murder trial against Osage teenager Noah Crooks.

Crooks’ attorney Bill Kutmus went before the prospective jurors and discussed several issues. He asked them what they thought about cameras being allowed in the courtroom, mental illness, and what their role as a jury member meant.

The defense has to cut 10 people from the 32 potential jurors left and pick one alternative juror. They expect to have they jury selected by Wednesday afternoon. That means the trial could begin in earnest today.

Crooks is accused of shooting his mother to death last year. Stay tuned to KIMT News 3 for the latest on this trial.



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