Cleaning Up


ALBERT LEA, MN — Snow blowers may be the main choice for folks to do away with some of that nasty snow.

But, it isn’t the only tool folks are using around our area.

Many were out this morning and afternoon cleaning up tree branches and limbs that fell during the storm.

So while blowing snow is one part of the battle, others were heading to the hardware store.

As the owner of Raleigh’s Ace Hardware in Albert Lea tells us, folks had an eye out for chain saws.

“Nobody expects to get a foot of snow in May,” Owner Matt Raleigh said. “So, we were completely unprepared with snow equipment. Luckily, most people are needing more chainsaw material so, we were prepared for that.”

Despite the snow, he adds they sold some snow shovels.

But the chainsaw were the big draw.

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