‘Bike Safety Bash’

Bike Safety Bash

ALBERT LEA, MN — Each year more than 300,000 youth are taken to the emergency room because of bike injuries and at least 10,000 of them must be hospitalized because of their injuries.

So the YMCA of Austin teamed up with Rydjor Bike Shop, the Austin Police Department and many others for their 3rd annual “Bike Safety Bash.”

“If you’re on your bike, you think you own the road and forget about handling the bike with the rules of the road and how you can deal with cars and so they’re here just to make sure the kids know how to stop, get off their bike, look both ways before they take off,” said event coordinator Richard Schindler.

Kids were fitted with high quality helmets for a $5 co-pay and they also made sure their bike is properly adjusted while riding on a safety course.

“Just looking for kids with coordination problems, balance problems. We hone those kids out and get some extra help for them. Then we have a bounce house here for the kids to play in while their siblings are riding on the course,” Schindler said.

He said although the event was set to start at nine, they had people waiting and fitted about 70 helmets before then.

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