Burglary Protection

Farm Equipment

KIMT NEWS 3 – As the weather gets warmer your home may be more susceptible to burglary and theft.

Local law enforcement is seeing an increase in reported thefts and burglaries especially in rural areas.

some of the most sought after items are weapons such as guns as well as farming equipment.

Law enforcement officials say these types of burglaries are crimes of opportunity and there are very simple way to make sure they don’t happen to you.

Cerro Gordo County Chief Deputy, Dave Hepperly said, “We need to make sure the people are aware that if they’re not using equipment, it either needs to be put into a locked shed or a locked barn. Keys taken out of equipment, keys taken out of vehicles. It’s important not to have easy access to these types of vehicles or equipment for people to take the opportunity to steal them.”

Hepperly also says to avoid posting on social media if you’re taking a vacation. It makes your home a target for thieves, because they know you’re away.

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