New Wind Energy Funding

Wind Turbines

KIMT NEWS 3 – Yesterday, MidAmerican Energy announced plans to spend nearly $2 billion to install hundreds of wind turbines in Iowa.

Worth County Supervisor, Dennis May is feeling positive about the future of wind energy.

He said, “It’s good for the state of Iowa.  Particularly, it’s good for individual counties.”

And he can expect to see more of wind turbines now that MidAmerican Energy plans to spend billions of dollars in wind energy projects.

Iowa Governor, Terry Branstad says it’s a great opportunity for the state.

Governor Branstad said, “This is a significant income for farmers that are still able to farm the land for these wind turbines and these counties still get substantial tax revenues, so this is truly a win, win.”

That money will go toward funding more wind energy farms. Local county supervisors say these types of projects have brought a lot of positive things to the community.

May said, “We’ve been able to resurface 35 miles of roads and of course the offshoot of that too is that a number of landowners receive annual lease payments for having the privilege of having that tower on their lands.”

Iowa Lieutenant Governor, Kim Reynolds says building 656 new turbines will have an even bigger economic impact.

Lt. Governor Reynolds said, “Approximately 460 construction jobs with a $30 million payroll and 48 permanent jobs with a $2.4 million pay roll.”

But as with most large-scale projects, Dennis says there are downsides.

He said, “It’s pretty hard on the roads and you hear people who are concerned about birds hitting the blades and you have those who would like to see what they remember as pristine rural landscapes of years ago.”

But so far, at least for the Worth County community, the blades in the sky have been a huge asset.
May said, “People look at what’s there and I think they enjoy and are impressed with what they see.”

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