Contact Center Opening in Mason City

Contact Center Opening Up in Mason City, IA

Mason City, IA – A new company is replacing an old one in Mason City, and directors of the development say it will create 135 jobs over 5 years.

Leaders with the North Iowa Corridor Economic Development Center were happy to announce today that a new company that will be making its way to the area.

W.S. Live, a contact call center from Dubuque will be opening up in the old I.C. System building that just closed.

“Loss with I.C. Systems deciding not to continue their lease in Mason City, so we wanted to work as hard as we could to create similar opportunity to some of those displaced workers and I think this is going to do that,” said Brent Willet, Executive Director of the North Iowa Corridor Economic Development Center

On Tuesday the City Council will decide to sign the development agreement for the business.

If all goes well, they hope to have the contact center up and running by the end of the summer.

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