Major Flooding Forecasted

KIMT StormTeam 3

Because of the 6 to 9 inches of rain that fell in northern parts of Mitchell County, major river flooding is a real potential. The Cedar River is swelling quickly in Osage where it has risen almost 5 feet in a 6 hour period of time. It is because of this that Highway 218 and Highway 9 are closed near Osage early this morning. Also, Mitchell County Dispatch requests that only emergency travel be attempted while dark.  This water will be going down stream to Charles City.

The forecast by the National Weather Service as of 2 AM is that the Cedar River in Charles City will rise from the current level of 10.36 feet to close to 20 feet at 1 AM on Tuesday.  The impacts of the river levels, according to the National Weather service is below.

21.5′ Clark street at Brantingham floods and the Chautauqua avenue lift station wet well requires sandbagging.
20′ Clark street at Leland floods and Court street at Illinois floods.
19.5′ Riverside drive at Iowa and Jolsin street floods. Also Chautauqua avenue floods and sandbagging is required.
19′ Brackett street and Riverside at north Johnson flood. Also lions field cottages are threatened and additional evacuations may be required.
18′ 4th and South Grand street begin flooding and evacuations may be required.
17′ Homes south of Riverside flood and evacuations may be required.
15′ Evacuation operations begin. Leland avenue floods and flooding on Park drive is likely.
12′ Barricading of streets begin and the intersection of Riverside and Illinois streets may be flooded.

Stay tuned to KIMT and for the latest river stages and forecasts as the water quickly rises across parts of North Iowa.

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