Stacyville Dam Flooding


STACYVILLE, IA – The Stacyville Dam is still recovering from what some area residents say was unlike anything they’ve ever seen.

Rising water levels caused the Cedar River to rip through bordering parks leaving a trail of damage in it’s path.

The bridge above the river has been closed off due to the potential risk.

One resident seeing the damage for the first time says it was a sight he could hardly believe.

“Probably the worst I have seen in this area. This area has gotten flooded before but nothing like this where it has eaten away part of the shoreline and done damage to the bridges,” said Gene Wagner.

Gene runs in office in town and says that just the other day, tenants reported nearly 6 feet of water in the basement alone.

Even for veteran officials it was still a sight they could hardly believe.

“I’m just totally amazed at the amount of damage out here but I’ve been there now 16 years and plus. So I’ve seen the 2008 and the Cedar River, the main river did not come up as much as it has other times it was just because of the local influx of the water that made the big difference,” said Ken Gerk, Park Foreman with Mitchell County Conservation.

It wasn’t just rain that damaged property; marble sized hail was also reported and caused damage to surrounding properties.

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