Friendly Reminder for Albert Lea Residents

Sump Pump

ALBERT LEA, MN — Folks in Albert Lea are being reminded to make the switch when it comes to your sump pump.

The city of Albert Lea is experiencing high flows in their sanitary sewer system due to the rain.

They are reminding folks all sump pumps need to be discharging outside during this time of year.

And any system with a bypass valve needs to be turned so the water goes outside.

City leaders say while its small request, it makes a big impact.

“With the wet weather we’ve been seeing anywhere from 8 million gallons to the high of 15 million gallons,” Public Works Director Steven Jahnke said. “So, were seeing a lot. It’s not all related to sump pumps, a lot of it is just the way our system is set up. But, the sump pumps make a big difference.”

He says it prevents the backup of sewage into basements and reduces the stress on the system, while lowering waste water treatment costs.

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