Lincoln Intermediate Students to Be Searched Before School Friday

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MASON CITY, IA — According to a letter sent to parents, students attending Lincoln Intermediate School in Mason City will go through extra scrutiny Friday.

The letter says bags, purses, and belongings will be searched upon entering school as a precaution after a possible threat was found in a school restroom.  Principal Tom Novotny says a note was found on the bathroom floor Tuesday with a threatening statement.  Mason City police are working with the district to determine who wrote the note.

The normal attendance policy will be in effect Friday, and students are encouraged to remain in school.

Full text of letter:


Tom Novotney, Principal           Jeremy White, Assistant Principal/Coordinator of Family Services


May 2013


To Lincoln Intermediate Parents,


Yesterday, May 21, 2013, two students discovered a note on the bathroom floor containing a general statement that was threatening in nature to our school environment for Friday.  As a district and school we want to assure you that we are committed to creating a safe and secure environment each and every day in and around our schools.  The administration and police department have been in communication and we are investigating who may have written the statement.


After an internal investigation and through our work with the police we have made some decisions to make the campus more secure and safe.  The following actions are more precautionary in nature and may cause some inconvenience, but will increase safety:

  • On Friday morning bags, purses, and belongings will be searched upon entering Lincoln Intermediate School.
  • Students will enter/exit through one of three doorways.  Lincoln students riding the bus will enter/exit the main school doors while all other 6th grade students will enter/exit the north doors and all other 5th grade students will enter the doors on the south side of the school.
  • The building has been and will continue to be searched, including lockers and classrooms.
  • Extra staff will be assisting in implementing our plan.


We encourage students to remain in school; we will maintain our normal attendance policy as we have put many things in place to assure the safety of our students and staff.


We also recognize that schools and school personnel have tremendous influence over the lives and choices of young people every day.  We also know that we are in partnership with parents to help young people learn how to make good choices for themselves.  We have a “collective responsibility” as members of the larger Mason City community to set appropriate boundaries for young people and to ensure their safety and security.


Please feel free to contact the office at Lincoln Intermediate if you have additional questions, concerns, or you have information.  This is a great case for continued parent involvement with intermediate aged students.






Tom Novotney, Principal

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