Rainy Weather Creates More Problems

JOICE, IA – These latest spring storms are causing all kinds of trouble, from flooding to road closures. But it’s also causing a different kind of problem for a few North Iowa residents.

All the extra moisture is making for an uncomfortable living situation for some residents at an apartment complex in Joice.

Tenants have been asked to use an outhouse, instead of their apartment restrooms.

It’s been in the backyard since Monday.

One resident says the landlord has also asked them to avoid using the laundry.

The woman in charge of the property says the excess ground water is causing the underground septic system to back up and she only brought in the outhouse as a temporary solution to the problem.

She says she’s never demanded tenants to not use their indoor plumbing, just asked they use it as little as possible.

That’s especially important for those in the building who are disabled and cannot get to the backyard.

Resident Robin Ramirez says she hopes there’s a more permanent solution in the works.

She said, “When it come to putting an outhouse in here, after I lived my life like that growing up, that disrespected me. Everyone driving by can see the outhouse and to me it’s just so disrespectful.”

Robin says she’d simply like to have the indoor plumbing and septic system fixed. The apartment landlord says she’s been working to get a new sewer system installed for some years now,but has to go through a lot of government red-tape.

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