Band Festival Preps for Rain

Band Festival 2013

MASON CITY, IA – Band Festival organizers are wishing today’s weather and tomorrow’s forecast could swap places, but even with some predicted rain, they’re ready.

People are already staking out their spots on sections of the parade route and preparations in East Park are also moving right along, but some may be worried the predicted rain will spoil their plans.

Luckily, organizers are remaining calm and have a plan of action if we run into some wet weather during the parade.

Mason City Chamber of Commerce Program Coordinator, Kara Ruge said, “If we start with rain, you know it’s raining in the morning or say thunder storms something like that, we will delay the parade 30 minutes. Lightning, thunder, a downpour, it will be delayed in 30 minute increments. So every 30 minutes, we will reevaluate and go from there. If it’s just light sprinkles, we will go.”

As far as the musical performances go, Kara says it will take some very severe weather for those to be canceled.

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