Could Smart Phones Provide Relief at the Gas Pump?

Gas Prices

MASON CITY, IA – Especially lately, filling up your gas tank can put quite a strain on your wallet. But there may be some relief, thanks to technology.

New apps for you smart phones and tablets can help you save at the pump. They can track where the cheapest prices are around town as well as keep track of your cars gas mileage.

Most of the apps are free and are aimed to save people not just money, but time.

“You can figure out where batter gas prices would be so you may live somewhere where you have quite a few gas stations near your house so you can go onto these free apps and it will tell you which ones are cheaper and they’re updated regularly,” says Megan Schoning from Verizon Wireless.

Some of the apps have navigation that even directs you to take the routes that may help you use less gas.

The apps are available and can be used on android and iPhones.

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