The First Blue Zones Restaurant in Town


MASON CITY, IA – It’s an initiative to try to create healthier eating options in mason city and now at least one area restaurant is taking the challenge.

The 1910 Grille in Mason City is being designated the first Blue Zones restaurant in town.

Some menu items will now take a more health conscious approach, as they try to promote living healthy lifestyles.

For one chef, he knows the restaurant has always been serving up healthy eating options for customers, although being acknowledged doesn’t hurt.

“It’s kind of icing on top of the cake that people are loving what we’re doing. Fortunately we don’t have to change a lot of our approach and to be recognized as this style of cooking and something that people love is fantastic,” said Kurt Nyguard, Executive Chef for the 1910 Grille.

Those with Blue Zones Mason City say they are in talks with other restaurants, to add them to the Blue Zones list.

“There tends to be a lot of obesity in restaurants and over-portioning. Controlling that and creating an atmosphere that people can feel great leaving as well as just great eating, is just as important,” said Nyguard.

Event coordinators say they were thrilled the 1910 grille took the challenge and hopefully they can set the trend for other restaurants in town.

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