Gas prices working their way back down

Gas prices dropping

KIMT NEWS 3 — Just over a week ago we were seeing gas prices in our area reach an all-time high and now they are working their way back down.

Minnesota’s average price for a gallon of gas is back down to $3.97 a gallon but can be found for $3.93 around the southern part of the state.

They reached a record high on May 18, averaging $4.28 a gallon statewide according to

Iowa is seeing the average price for a gallon of gas at $3.90, down twelve cents from their record.

Those running area gas stations say it is a bit of a relief.

“The biggest concern is that people may try to drive off because they don’t have money to pay for their fuel and then big trucks end up putting like 100 dollars in at a time and that’s pretty extreme on the pocketbook,” said Glenda Erickson, Manager at Ole’s East Side Shell.

She said she likes to tell people why prices seem to be shooting up because she said some people like to blame the gas station workers for the gas hike.

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