High SPF Ratings Just a Gimmick?

KIMT NEWS 3 – Most of us have heard how important putting on that sunscreen is, but are those with the really high SPF ratings more effective than those with slightly lower ratings?

Tami Nelson loves to take her 2-year-old grandson, Carter to the park on sunny days. But before she does it’s time to lather on the sunscreen.

Nelson said, “He burns so easy and so fast with his fair hair.”

Tami says she uses SPF 30 sunscreen for Carter, but it’s not always easy picking the right kind.

She said, “I kind of like the spray, because it’s quicker. Especially if you’ve got a little kid and they just wanna go.”

With so many choices out there, many are reaching for those really high SPF bottles. But as it turn out, those higher numbers don’t mean more protection.

Family Nurse Practitioner, Jennifer Rosenmeyer said, “A protection factor of 30 or greater protects you from about 97% of the suns rays. Beyond a SPF of 50, it doesn’t really show that it provides additional protection. There’s nothing that protects against 100% other than avoiding the sun or staying out of the sun.”

Tami knows her stuff when it comes to keeping harmful UVA and UVB rays away.

She said, “As you go through the day sweating or going in the water, you’re supposed to reapply it so it continues to work, because it does wear off.”

But not everyone can say the same.

Ronsenmeyer said, “People get busy swimming, doing outdoor activities, you don’t really watch the clock. ‘When did I put my sunscreen on last?’ So that’s the most important thing.”

Focusing on the reapplying versus ramping up the SPF is something your skin will thank you for.

Nelson said, “If we want to stay younger looking, have softer skin, and not look all weathered up, then it’s really important to use sunscreen and take care of our skin.”

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