Noah Crooks Back in Court


MASON CITY, IA – A little more than two weeks ago, Osage teenager Noah Crooks was found guilty of second degree murder in the shooting death of his mother, Gretchen.

The 12-member jury believed he was guilty of the killing but did not come to the conclusion that he planned to sexual assault her as well.

Thursday, the 14-year-old once again made his way to a north Iowa courtroom.

This hearing is to determine what happens where the teenager will be spending his time in custody.

Because he’s a juvenile, the court held what’s known as a dispositional hearing.

Gretchen crooks’ mother gave a victim’s impact speech, saying that the family wants Noah to be safe, but they also want the public to be safe.

The court did determine that the boy is a threat to society.

Noah’s attorney Bill Kutmus saying he is pleased with the ruling saying it will be in boy’s best interest.

“After [age] 18 I think the maximum that will happen in terms of punishment or rehabilitation will be an additional 5 years until he’s 23-years old and I’m hoping that by the time he’s 18 he wont need any further rehab and he can continue his life,” says Kutmus.

In the end, it was determined today that Noah would go to the Iowa State Training School for boys until he’s 18 years old.

At that point, he’ll be reassessed and brought back to court to determine where, or if, he’ll remain in custody.

Until he turns 18 the 14-year old’s custody status will be reviewed every 12-months to determine if any adjustments need to be made.

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