Heavy Rain brings Severe Weather

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BOLAN, IA – In north Iowa, last night’s storms have created a different problem and one we’ve heard all too much about lately.

Due to heavy rain fall, many north Iowa counties are now feeling the effects of flooding concerns.

A few rural roads near Bolan are temporarily closed after being washed out, but crews tell us a different issue is their main concern now.

“Cleaning out the corn stocks out of the ditches is kind of the big problem. You just gotta keep the water flow through all the road culverts, and we might find a couple of culverts that are washed out – a couple of them we haven’t even been into yet – but the water, like I said is all receding, so we’re good there,” said Mike Thompson, Worth County Road Foreman.

One intersection does remain closed for safety reasons because a small chunk of the road has been washed away.

“Ours was pretty minimal, it’s just the intersection down here on 410. Now the water’s down, everything has kind of receded good and it’s a matter of just for safety, we’re keeping people out of it,” said Thompson.

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