Optimism in Crazy Weather Month

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CHARLES CITY, IA – For those relying on decent conditions, it’s been a roller coaster of a month, but for those making the best of it, it’s a ride their definitely enjoying.

After a month of weather mayhem, June is welcomed with open arms.

“Who knows maybe in a month, we’ll be crying for rain, it’s really, you know nobody can really predict it,” said Jean King, Greenhouse Manager of Otto’s Oasis in Charles City.

Jean is trying to forget the month of May, when our area saw record snowfall, record rainfall and record heat all in a span of four weeks.

Although despite the challenges, Jean is staying positive.

“Last year people would tell me, you couldn’t water enough. it makes a big difference if it comes from the sky or it comes from the garden hose. I know that the farmers, that for some of them it’s been tough but like I said, you have to be optimistic. That’s the only thing you can do,” said King.

While the sight of plows and flood warnings may still haunt us from time to time, some are actually embracing the heavy rain and making the best of a severe situation.

“Rain that we’ve gotten recently not only does it bring in these rare levels but it extends our white water kayaking season here in Iowa. Whereas, last year we didn’t have much rain and by this time a year, year we didn’t come up here for three months in the summer at all,” said Hannah Childs, a Charles City Kayaker.

Hannah warns however that these rapids are not to be taken lightly especially by inexperienced riders.

“In my opinion, this high water, it’s not safe for them. they don’t have enough experience. they can’t read the water, they don’t have the proper equipment, they don’t have helmets and full dry gear. it’s just not a good idea,” said Childs.

So whether you’re battling rapids or waiting for the sunshine, for Jean, patience is key.

“Sometimes it’s better to wait till later when the weather is warmer and the humidity that makes things grow. so I think Iowan’s are tough, we just take it day by day as best we can,” said King.

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