Twins born on side of interstate with trooper help

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — A Utah woman who gave birth to twin boys on the side of a desolate highway says she was terrified her babies wouldn’t survive.

Lynette Hales recounted the story at a news conference yesterday. She says she went into labor Sunday morning on Interstate 80 in the salt flats, nearly 100 miles from Salt Lake City.

She had been on a getaway with friends to the small Nevada gambling town of Wendover. She was only 30 weeks pregnant and thought her labor was weeks away. A friend began driving her home.

Son J.J. had already been born and was struggling to breathe when State Trooper Nathan Powell arrived. He helped clear the baby’s mouth and nose and gave him oxygen.

A.J. came along while all that was going on and then an ambulance arrived. Doctors say both babies are expected to be fine.


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137-a-14-(Cameron Fawson, Utha state trooper, at news conference)-”was a relief”-Utah State Trooper Cameron Fawson says he’s glad the second baby didn’t have the breathing problems the first baby did. (4 Jun 2013)

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138-a-10-(Cameron Fawson, Utha state trooper, at news conference)-”it’s not breathing”-Utah State Trooper Cameron Fawson says the first baby gave everyone a scare, but thankfully once it started breathing the situation wasn’t quite as dire. (4 Jun 2013)

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135-a-11-(Lynette Hales, woman who had babies on the Interstate, at news conference)-”in Salt Lake”-Lynette Hales says she had no intention of having her twins when she did. (4 Jun 2013)

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136-a-02-(Lynette Hales, woman who had babies on the Interstate, at news conference)-”and they’re fighters”-Lynette Hales says her sons will be a couple of amazing boys. (4 Jun 2013)

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