Rainy Farms Could Affect Consumers

Wet Field

MASON CITY, IA – Frustration and disheartened are just a few words to describe what local farmers are feeling as they wait to get out into their fields.

One farm just outside Mason City is about three-quarters of the way planted with corn, but for now it’s a waiting game to see how much more can be planted before it’s too late.

Farmer Kevin Pope says if the corn cannot reach maturity, come harvest time, it’ll be very high moisture and have low test weights, which means the quality will suffer.

That will not only be expensive for farmers to dry, but those costs may also pass down to you.

Pope said, “You know, it’s the law of supply and demand. If there’s not much supply and a lot of demand, then the price has to adjust to meet that. After record corn prices last year, it’s going to be tough for end users having to buy really high dollar corn.”

Kevin says he plans to wait a few more days to see if the weather clear up before making any more planting decisions..

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