Walk and Run Benefit for JHD

First Congregational Church Clear Lake, IA

CLEAR LAKE, IA – Two local teenagers are working on trying to make a difference by raising awareness and money for one rare disease research.

Folks will be gathering at the First Congregational Church in Clear Lake Saturday morning for a walk and 5-k fun run.

The goal is to help raise awareness and money for Juvenile Huntington’s Disease and for the Huntington’s Disease Society of America.

Juvenile Huntington’s disease is a less common early onset of Huntington’s disease that begins in younger children.

And for Alyssa Gagnon, one of the hosts of the event, it’s a disease that she wants to help fight.

“I really wanted to do something but I don’t know what so I started thinking you know you see these advertisements for 5k’s, color run, one’s for breast cancer and it’s really became popular so I thought I want to do something that people are going to want to do,” said Gagnon.

Alyssa says because her friend’s sister has the disease she knows how important it is to raise this type of awareness.

Registration for the benefit on Saturday is at nine that morning.

With the run and walk starting at 10.

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