Flood Buyout Program Makes Slow Progress

Flooded Home 2008

MASON CITY, IA – Tomorrow marks 5 years since the floods of 2008. Hundreds of properties were damaged, 161 of them eligible for government buyouts.

As part of the 2010 buyout program, some homes were demolished completely, others salvaged through programs like Habitat for Humanity.

There are also a few historic homes the city is looking to relocate, including the Egloff House in Mason City. It’s an effort to preserve the cities history through famous architecture.

City officials say the process has been slow moving, but they’re hoping new green spaces left over, will be nice additions to the community.

Mason City City Administrator, Brent Trout said, “Other areas will just remain wild and the advantage will just be having continued ability to have green space in the community like we have with our parks. It’s something that’s encouraging for people and we’ll look at other areas maybe down the road that we can use for community gardens and that type of thing.”

Trout adds. there are roughly 40 homes left in the buyout program waiting to be demolished.

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