Local Job Outlook Slows Down, Despite National Growth

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MASON CITY, IA – New job numbers are out Friday and they suggest the U.S. is seeing more job growth. But while the national numbers look good; in our area, we’re actually seeing a bit of a slow down.

That’s especially true when it comes to seasonal summer jobs, and the weather could be to blame.

The cold, damp spring we’ve seen has put a lot of summer activities on hold. That’s making it especially difficult for teens and college aged folks looking for summer work.

“There being affected by it too because this is their prime time to earn the money and if they can’t get to work because there’s no body swimming in the pool or nobody at the golf course or nobody doing those summertime things then it really affects their economy as well,” says Tony Buhr with Manpower.

While the decline of job growth in our area is not ideal, Tony says it’s a great improvement to what we were seeing, even just a few years ago.

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