Protesting the Juice Bar

Protesters outside The Loft Corwith, IA

CORWITH, IA – Earlier this spring, a Minnesota man started a new business in a small Iowa town.

That was in March.

Now, in June, there is still plenty of talk about Dale Peterson and his “Juice Bar” in Corwith.

And community members aren’t keeping quiet about what they think of “The Loft”, and what happens there behind closed doors.

In fact, folks in town have been protesting on a regular basis.

And Dale Peterson says they aren’t missing a beat.

The protestors show up right around 8pm on Fridays and Saturdays.

Those are the days The Loft is opened.

20 to 30 people gather in front of the bar, while there is no alcohol served there, the main concern is about the nude dancing that goes on.

Peterson says he is shocked about the reaction to his business.

“I just either ignore them or just say hi, there’s no use talking to them because their mind is made up on what they’re doing for some reason they think their morality police,” said Peterson.

But for the protestors, they say they’ll continue making their message heard, and that really they’re concerned about the girls involved in the juice bar and their safety.

For Wanda Burdick who has been protesting since day one, she says if Peterson won’t budge either will they.

Wanda says she feels like their message is getting across to customers going into the juice bar.

“There’s a lot of what I feel as a woman is of womanhood and that was the first thing that I saw here. I didn’t know it was open and saw the many things that were going on,” said Wanda.

Peterson says rain or shine those protesting have been outside his business.

Also, police patrols have been increased in the town as well because of the juice bar.

Peterson and the protestors tell me they have seen several people getting pulled over for operating under the influence when leaving town.

He tells us the not-so-warm-welcome from the community does take a toll on his business, and he is looking into other options, and possibly new places, to take his “Juice Bar”.

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