It’s Decision Time For Farmers

Farmer in Field

MANLY, IA – As we begin a new week, farmers are running out of time to decide what to do with their crops.

With the storm we had over the weekend, Mother Nature actually made it for them.

That’s exactly what happened to Worth county farmer, Andy Hill.

He received about 3 inches of rain in his fields Sunday and has decided to stop planting corn entirely.

He is taking his prevented planting crop insurance and will move on to his soybean planting.

He says he got a good start on planting in the beginning of May, but only managed to get around 30% of his corn in the ground.

But he’ll still be plenty busy in the days and weeks to come.

Hill said, “The flurry of activity started yesterday on seed corn returns and trying to make arrangements for cover crop and also it’s going to be, here in particular, probably a week before we can even think about tilling soil to plant soybeans. Because our intentions are still to plant soybeans and we’ll do that well into July.”

Andy says, taking the insurance is the right move for his business and that most farmers he’s talked with are choosing to do the same.

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