Fireworks Preparations For July


CLEAR LAKE, IA – We still have a few weeks before July 4th, and if fireworks are in your plans authorities say, be ready.

In Iowa, projectile fireworks are banned but still seem to find their way into celebrations each year.

The Clear Lake Fire Department says their goal is to make sure people are safe regardless of what they use.

“We just want to make sure that people are after the law first. We realize that people do them. We live in Clear Lake so it goes on pretty much all the time. You know especially around the fourth. So we realize that people have them and if you do got them, you have to be safe,” said Lt. Tom Hartwig with the Clear Lake Fire Department.

Tom also mentions that there are ways to try to ask permission for certain fireworks and that it’s better than leaving it to chance.

“If you’re gonna do something like that whether it’s for a birthday party or your own anniversary or something fun like that. You do have to get special permission from your city or county government to be able to shoot those off. So I would recommend checking into that before you just go lighting them off and avoid any penalties and fines,” said Hartwig.

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