Hoover Hatchery Teaches NIACC Students


RUDD, IA – Local college students are teaming up with a north Iowa hatchery for hands-on experience.

The Hoover Hatchery in Rudd is giving NIACC students an opportunity to learn more about the growing industry of chicken farming.

The program is designed for students to learn every aspect from incubating all the way to marketing their birds.

Organizers say they want to teach students about the importance of properly raised foods.

“We hope what’s gonna happen is that they’ll start to market. So not only will they raise them, they’ll market the birds themselves. So they’ll understand the commodity process and how it works and how you want to get the best bird at the lowest cost denominator, raising it in the best way,” said Tony Halsted of Hoover Hatchery.

According to Halsted, students are also learning ways they can play a factor in improving their local economies and becoming more involved in their communities.

“We’re working with young kids that can take this technology and take this effort on knowing how to grow poultry and bring it back to their farms and then educate others. Hopefully in the long-term, we’re creating people in North Iowa that will actually grow natural chicken in a natural environment,” said Halsted.

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