May and June Crazy Weather Recap

Flooding in Rockford

KIMT NEWS 3 – It’s been an interesting and even historic month for weather. In the past month, we’ve seen floods, non-stops rains and deadly tornadoes.

All of those became too familiar sights in both May and June as both Iowa and Minnesota experienced weather normally reserved for early spring.

It all started with severe flooding in Mitchell County back in May and from that point on it seemed as if our area couldn’t catch a break.

Heavy rains were responsible for a train derailment in Charles City. Washed out tracks caused four train cars to fall into the Little cedar River. Three of those cars ended up leaking diesel fuel and ethanol into the water.

That same week, local businesses prepared for the worst as the river levels crept closer to their buildings.

A few weeks later, firefighters in Rockford got an early morning wake up call to clear equipment out of the station for fear of more rising waters on the Shell Rock River.

Crews worked over night and well into the day sandbagging to protect property near the river.

And just when we thought the worst of the weather was over, a North Iowa Community was struck by not one but five tornadoes, one of which has been declared as an EF3.

Many local businesses, including Cattelmen’s Steakhouse and Provisions in Belmond, were reduced to a pile of rubble.

Even just a few days ago, Albert Lea was dealing with more flooding concerns again.

It’s been a June for the record books and it’s weather most are hoping to leave behind.

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