Your Four-Legged Friend May Be Frightened by Fireworks


MASON CITY, IA – The 4th of July is a fun time for all but it might not be your pet’s favorite holiday.

Fireworks are a thrill for most on this patriotic holiday but for pets, they can be very frightening.

Animals are almost ten times more sensitive to loud noises than humans so it is a good idea to make sure your pet is away from the festivities and in a quiet place like a garage or a basement.

Executive Director of the North Iowa Humane Society, Sybil Soukup suggested, “when you leave your pet at home when you go attend the fireworks display, make sure you secure your pet. If you have a dog living outside in an outside area, maybe put them in a garage for the night or down in your basement and provide them a safe, quiet place where they won’t be excited and disturbed by the loud noises.”

Fireworks are a staple at most 4th of July festivities so being mindful of where your pet is and how close they are to the action is an important thing to remember.

“Our biggest advice for people is that please don’t bring your dogs to fireworks displays,” Soukup said.

Pets can sometimes get spooked from the loud noises and run off from the home so keeping them calm in a quiet place will benefit the whole family.

If your family pet does run off, be sure to check with the North Iowa Humane Society to see if your animal has been rescued.

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