Community Unites this 4th of July

BELMOND, IA – It’s been almost a month since an EF- 3 tornado swept through the town of Belmond.

And on this Independence Day, a community celebration is needed.

Folks lined the streets to enjoy their annual parade for this year’s 4th of July.

And on a day where the country unites, this community is, as well.

Neighbors gathered at the Belmond Fire Station last night to help raise money for employees who lost their jobs at Cattleman’s Steakhouse, which was destroyed in the tornado.

Those who went, including Dennise Boch, say it was a touching and emotional evening.

ā€œI think it makes me feel good that Iā€™m in a small community because in a smaller community I think a lot of people get together and actually support each other more,ā€ said Boch.

More than 900 people showed up for the event last night, to show their support.

Those in charge of the fundraiser say there were lots of donations coming in, and it was very successful.

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