Area Counties on Disaster Declaration

Lake in Alden

KIMT NEWS 3 — The recent weather has been great, but not too long ago severe storms were wrecking havoc across Iowa and Minnesota.

Governor Mark Dayton recently declared a state of emergency for 26 counties in the state of Minnesota.

That executive order allows the state to call for federal aid in areas that were affected by storms between June 20 and 26. Faribault, Fillmore and Freeborn Counties are all included in that.

Freeborn County’s damage is estimated to be over $200,000 and the bulk of that appears to be in Alden.

Some dealt with flooded basements, but their concerns lie elsewhere.

“It’s too bad for the farmers where that’s their living, that’s a concern of everybody’s and insurance companies are going to be busy this fall I’m afraid,” said Lois Emrud of Alden.

FEMA will be going across southern Minnesota next week to assess the damage and are expected to be in Freeborn County Thursday.

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