Fire Leaves Barn in Ashes

Barn Fire Rudd, IA

RUDD, IA – It became a sad Fourth of July as one family is still in shock over a fire that left their barn to ashes.

The Rudd Fire Chief tells us that the barn is a total loss.

Russell Decker and his son were out enjoying the night’s fireworks when they received a call that their barn was engulfed in flames.

Decker says his main concern were some lambs he had just bought that were near the barn.

But if it wasn’t for those helping fight the flames, Decker says the damage could have been much worse.

“I’m thankful we have fire departments as good as we do I can’t express enough all the help that they did do,” said Decker.

The lambs received some minor burns to their wool.

Decker had lost his house back in 2007 due to a fire as well.

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