Firefighters Battle Heat and Flames

HOLLANDALE, MN – The fire in Hollandale left at least one firefighter who had to be treated for problems related to the heat.

The Salvation Army and other volunteers were deployed to the town to help provide firefighters and others with water and other items.

Cold, wet towels were provided along with a cooling station for those to sit in.

Captain Jim Brickson of the Salvation Army in Albert Lea said teamwork was key.

β€œIt was great we had a piece of equipment that our community Freeborn County invested in 2010. It’s a cooling shelter for the fire departments invested deeply in this so it’s the first time we’ve deployed and it worked real well,” said Brickson.

Temperatures reached 90 degrees in Hollandale Monday.

At one point, it felt like 93 degrees, according to our Storm Team Three Meteorologists.

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